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Transformation is who we are.

Welcome to PSMAV (Personal Sound Motivation Affirmation and Validation) these crafted audio guides create an imersive a world of wellness where motivation, affirmation, and validation. We understand the transformative power of words and the convenience of audio. These crafted guides can empower your day. Immense into the benefits of motivation, affirmation, and validation whenever and wherever you need them.

Let these words become a source of strength, guiding you towards self-discovery, growth, and an unwavering belief in your potential.

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“Embracing the Power of Positive Language and Nurture a Positive Mindset.”

Sound and Vibration impact our lives on many different levels and can contribute to our Wellbeing.  Sound is one of the most universal senses that nature uses for survival.  Language is a milestone for human evolution and often underpins cultures. There is an undeniable connection between language and the way the mind develops its intricate pathways. Over time, words and messages can embed in our subconscious and create long term changes in our self-esteem and belief system. This website celebrates Sound and Communication and the Vital benefits that these play in the shaping of a positive mindset.

Best of all, this fitness routine for the mind can be performed almost any place or time.  It could be as simple as replacing that same old song that you’ve listened to a thousand times with this beneficial recording.  This wellness routine empowers you to reshape your thoughts effortlessly and embrace a life filled with boundless positivity.  Discover the realm of positive mind shift through the simple act of playing positive spoken word affirmations, validations and motivational advice to passively usher the subconscious thoughts into a cascade of positivity.

Our Guides

"Improving lives one word at a time."

Motivational Guides

Motivation propels us forward. They provide good advice, inspiration and guiding messages that can keep us on the path to achieve our goals. These carefully curated audio motivation tracks are designed to give you that much-needed boost, igniting your inner drive and determination.

“Nurturing Wellness Through Positive Spoken Words.”

“Join Us in Nurturing Wellness.”

Validation Guides

Validation. Validation is like a mirror to our self image. These Audio Guides are crafted to boost positive interactions and balance your positive mental wellbeing. Our feeling of self worth is shaped to some extent by the people around us. Providing external positive confirmation can help boost our levels of self estiem. It's a crucial component of mental and emotional well-being. Our Validation Audio files are like a warm embrace for the soul and provide emotional support.

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